CDS Early Case Assessment

Organize, Identify, and Cull

Early Case Assessment (ECA) from CDS enables users to cull and analyze their data sets prior to review using a powerful proprietary toolkit. CDS ECA uses pre-processed text and metadata to reduce the size of data sets before promoting them to full review. Integrated within the Relativity workspace, CDS ECA allows users to:

  • Organize documents to prioritize and classify for accelerated review
  • Identify potentially privileged documents and PHI/PII via proprietary searches
  • Cull out a significant percentage of non-responsive documents including document extensions, news, social media, promotional and subscription emails
  • Leverage insight via snippet document view and searching



CDS ECA takes advantage of advanced algorithms, pre-defined filters, and best practice workflows that combine to create a repeatable, streamlined process. Data visualization provides insight and help prioritizing segments of the document set that may require additional attention. Combined with CDS’ end-to-end Relativity stack, CDS ECA reduces costs with accelerated culling, providing actionable insight into data sets early in the process.

Watch the video to learn more:

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