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Corporate eDiscovery and Information Governance Teams Go to the Cloud

Oct 31, 2019

While businesses have been showing increasing interest in moving to the cloud over the past few years, many companies have hesitated because of concerns about accessibility, control, security and cost. Today, however, we are seeing a sea change in corporations growing comfort level with cloud technologies as exemplified by two recent conferences – The 9th Annual Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) Leadership Summit and Relativity Fest 2019. At both events, CDS participated in panel discussions along with panelists from Exelon, FedEx, Chevron and Relativity. The programs discussed how corporations are using the cloud to help unify legal and business goals when it comes to litigation, compliance, and data management.

Greater acceptance of cloud technology is being driven by several factors:

Security improvements. Measures to protect data security have become stronger and cloud providers are meeting newer, more demanding but increasingly codified security requirements. These include recognized certifications like ISO 27001, Soc 2 Type II, and FedRamp as well as requirements that Data Security industry groups like the SANS Institute publish for corporations to insist their cloud providers meet.

Cost savings. Corporations have undertaken detailed business analyses to determine the savings and ROI for cloud implementations. The panelists described the complicated process of securing and maintaining the budget for cloud projects both before and after the implementations. More companies are recognizing that cloud technologies give them the opportunity to achieve goals of efficiency and cost savings that have been sought after since the recession.

Alignment with corporate values. Businesses are recognizing that cloud implementations can be aligned with corporate culture. The focus on safety at Chevron, excellence at Exelon, and agile business approaches at FedEx have been critical to the success each corporation has achieved utilizing cloud technology.

Going to the cloud is a significant endeavor. As discussed by the panelists, there were internal challenges in making the move, security requirements, financial decisions as well as considerations of how the move would improve their corporate position with regard to monitoring and protecting their data. The decision to move forward should also include consultation with eDiscovery and Regulatory teams that inevitably need that data to meet the company’s mission critical legal requirements.

As experts in Relativity and other cloud technologies, CDS is at the forefront of helping companies implement cloud-based applications or cloud storage. Businesses can achieve significant benefits but should work with internal and external experts to ensure implementation meets their goals.

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<a href="https://cdslegal.com/team/william-wallace-belt-jr/" target="_blank">William Wallace Belt, Jr., Esq.</a>

William Wallace Belt, Jr., Esq.

Bill has 25 years of experience as a partner, shareholder and board member of AmLaw 200 law firms, including Williams Mullen where he built one of the first law firm eDiscovery practices. For the last 10 years Bill has participated in and now runs a Corporate-Only Roundtable where corporate eDiscovery teams, judges and industry experts have met to share experiences and discuss emerging challenges and solutions that combine technological and legal solutions.