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Sharing Insights on Social Media and eDiscovery

Oct 30, 2019

The spotlight was on Social Media and eDiscovery at this month’s Women in eDiscovery NYC Chapter meeting, which was sponsored by CDS. An expert panel including Justice Tanya Kennedy, consultant Maribel Rivera, attorney Stephen Barrett of Wilson Elser and Michele Kell, Esq., Director of Enterprise Operations at CDS provided a multi-disciplinary look at this important subject.

Among other things, the conversation explored the future of data privacy in the U.S. and the effect on social media preservation, as well as the interplay between U.S. and international laws. For example, if the U.S. moves toward more stringent privacy laws, like those already in place in the EU, how would that impact the handling of social media in eDiscovery? The litigation support professionals and attorneys in attendance gained insights on this and other questions from the diverse panel encompassing judicial, attorney, business and technologist perspectives. 

Women in eDiscovery (WiE) is a non-profit organization that provides educational and networking opportunities to members in 28 chapters globally. Programs like this one on Social Media and eDiscovery bring women in the eDiscovery field together to keep up with the latest industry developments, learn from each other and build camaraderie.

CDS is a strong proponent of professional development and continuing education for legal and technology professionals. CDS is proud to support WiE and its efforts to advance the field of eDiscovery and the role of women in technology.     

To learn more about how CDS addresses data privacy in eDiscovery in the U.S. and internationally, please contact . To learn more about Women in Ediscovery and find a local chapter, visit www.womeninediscovery.org

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