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CDS Managed Review Autotracker at the Relativity Innovation Awards

Sep 18, 2018

Relativity Fest is just around the corner and the CDS team is getting ready for another high-energy week of knowledge sharing in Chicago. A highlight of the Fest experience is the annual Relativity Innovation Awards presentation, in which the experts who lead the way in the legal data management platform submit their tools, workflows, and enhancements for judgement by a panel of industry experts. CDS has a history of firsts with Relativity and we’re continuing our tradition of innovation with our submission in this year’s awards.

CDS has seen tremendous success with our technology-first approach to managed review, and in order to better target efficiencies in that process, we’ve developed the CDS Managed Review Autotracker tool. The tool gives Review Managers and our clients a way to get deeper insight into Reviewer performance through data visualization. With this tool, Review Managers have a dashboard that tracks the accuracy of Reviewer coding decisions, helping to identify high performers as well as issues needing resolution at a single glance. Managers can view the dashboard and dig into detailed reports to ensure the overall quality of a review.

CDS Autotracker

CDS Managed Review Autotracker is being used by the CDS Managed Review team as part of their technology-driven approach to end-to-end eDiscovery. It has tremendously streamlined QC and overturn tracking by eliminating the need to manually track overturn results. By using information collected within Relativity and surfacing it for evaluation, this feature builds a team management function directly into the workspace. Review Managers use the tool as part of CDS’s talent acquisition process to identify skilled reviewers based on quantifiable metrics. The tool also aids in automating QC feedback to the Managed Review team by showing them a detailed list of overturned documents along with the reason for the overturn.

The Innovation Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts who determine the winners in the Best Innovation: Law Firm or Corporation and Best Innovation: Solution Provider category. Relativity also gives the user community a voice in the Best Innovation: Community Choice category. Voting is open today and runs through the close of Relativity Fest on Wednesday October 3rd. Visit the voting page today and cast your vote for CDS Managed Review Autotracker!

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Kate Hutchinson

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