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What CDS Saw at Relativity Fest 2018

Oct 10, 2018

Whether you were in the thick of things with us on-site at Relativity Fest this year or you were unable to join in, we’re sharing a recap of several of the informative (and fun!) events we were involved with during this year’s festivities. One of the great things about Fest is the collaborative learning environment at the conference, which brings together industry veterans and visionaries to discuss where eDiscovery is headed. We learned a lot from sessions guided by a variety of thought leaders who each brought their perspective to topics ranging from communicating with inter-generational teams to the intricacies of blockchain technology. There’s no doubt that the landscape of eDiscovery is evolving to include applications outside of the traditional litigation process, and each of us who attended Fest walked away with new ideas on how to advance the practice of legal data management. CDS team members were among those who held speaking roles this year, and here were some places where we shared our expertise.

The Customer Journey Behind Global Expansion: Following the Cloud
Richard Das, our VP of Operations, joined a panel of experts including representatives from Relativity and Rio Tinto to discuss processes relating to RelativityOne, Relativity’s Microsoft Azure-hosted platform. The panelists dove deep into pain points of data migration and explored the ways Relativity’s development team made things more manageable during transitions. As the world becomes increasingly driven by cloud computing, it’s crucial that we explore what’s needed to make a successful transition.

How to Perform a Cybersecurity Investigation with Relativity
Chris O’ Connor, our Director of eDiscovery Strategy, joined a panel of experts from TRU Staffing, Seyfarth Shaw, and Reckoning Consulting Partners to discuss the impact of cloud computing in cybersecurity matters and explore use cases for Relativity outside of traditional eDiscovery. Discussions included uses of Relativity Analytics to review and tag PII data, automating notifications to affected parties and to notify breach victims. The panel touched on the continued hesitancy of some organizations to move operations to the cloud due to perceived cybersecurity risks. However, with computing power backed by technical expertise, cloud migration is less risky than ever, despite concerns over lack of physical access to the environment.

Why You Should Be Using Relativity Dashboards on Every Case

Why You Should Be Using Relativity Dashboards on Every Case
The final CDS-related panel of Fest was a true showcase for our experts, with Brad Janssen, Director of Professional Services, joined by Jonathan Solomon, Project Support Manager, and Narine Ramlall, Analyst, teaming up to discuss the power of Relativity Dashboards. Examining advantages of data visualizations over the traditional tabular data view demonstrated how Relativity users can get a deeper understanding of their data, faster. Data on its own may be useful, but being able to use it to tell a direct story is vital to those of us in the realm of discovery. Having these tools at our fingertips helps us advance our practice to the next level.

Jonathan Solomon, pictured at the right of the below photograph with Brian Pick and Michael Milicevic, shared this comment on his experience on the panel and at Fest as a whole:
“Last year was my first year at Relativity Fest and I was so captivated by how the community collaborated. The conference is a melting pot where you have subject matter experts and industry thought leaders sharing their vast knowledge and expertise while also having Relativity users of all shapes and sizes excited to learn and apply all the new features and workflows that were learned. This year, I presented a session on the subject of Relativity Dashboards which was rewarding on a personal level for two reasons: professional development and growth as well as having the amazing feedback from the community, listening to how they apply specific workflows, and how they have overcome challenges they have faced. All this really brought the presentation and the overall Relativity Fest experience full circle.”

Brian Pick Mike Milicevic Jonathan Solomon

The Social Side of Fest
Of course no Relativity Fest is complete without the opportunity to connect face-to-face with professionals and friends we usually only work with via email. CDS had a large group representing the family and we were thrilled to meet up with industry legends like the Hon. Judge Peck, Relativity’s CEO Andrew Sieja, and so many other experts who inspire and challenge us to be our best. Pairing this excellent company with versatile live music, excellent food and drink, and a bevy of amazing guest speakers, this event was far more than just an industry meetup. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!

Vinnie and Nyi with Andrew Sieja and Simon Bayangos of Relativity

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