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    Tips and Tricks: Get Serious About eDiscovery

    June 30, 2016

    Legal technology professionals are familiar with the stages of the eDiscovery process, during which the goal is to reduce data volume until only relevant documents are produced and presented. However, there are a lot of moving pieces and often key aspects of the process are overlooked. CDS’ experts have identified essential best practices that can ensure professionals maximize their document review workflows. The best results come from the right balance of tools, expertise, and strategy and we’ve created a downloadable infographic to help you manage the eDiscovery process. Our tips incorporate the important questions you should consider at each stage:

    Stage 1: Preparation and identification
    What data needs to be collected? Where is it? Who is managing it? The answers to these questions are critical and will affect the entire eDiscovery process.

    Stage 2: Preservation and collection
    How can you ensure compliance with litigation holds? Do your custodians understand the ramifications of this stage of the EDRM?

    Stage 3: Early Case Assessment (ECA)
    Why should you consider ECA?

    Stage 4: Review
    In what ways can you make the review process more efficient and accurate?

    Stage 5: Production
    How can you double-check that you’re releasing the right data in the right form?

    For all of our expert tips and tricks, download our quick reference infographic and find out what you need to know to get serious about eDiscovery.

    About the Author

    Kate Hutchinson, Managing Director of Marketing, CDS New York

    Kate has over 15 years of technology marketing experience, specializing in brand identity, digital marketing, corporate partnerships, and event strategy. She has led the marketing efforts for companies that offer secure cloud hosting and communications for the legal, financial services, and healthcare industries. At CDS, she takes a collaborative and creative approach to marketing, working with stakeholders across departments to convey the benefits of CDS’s solutions.