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    Why a single team of lawyer-technologists should be part of every aspect of eDiscovery

    September 19, 2017

    By Steve Wang, Esq., Director of Managed Review, CDS.

    As eDiscovery technology advances, there are increasing benefits to utilizing a team of experts who understand both law and technology to handle every step of the process, from forensic collections to data hosting and managed review. EDiscovery service providers traditionally have expertise with some of these areas, but often work with outside legal teams on document review. However, working with a single service provider who has experts in all these areas offers companies and law firms unique advantages to reduce costs and improve the quality of eDiscovery.

    Special expertise

    As someone who has managed large document review projects and led the operations of managed review companies, I have seen the significant advantages of using a single end-to-end eDiscovery provider and entrusting your Review Management to lawyer-technologists. These professionals understand the practice of law and possess a deep knowledge of the software and workflows that handle electronically stored information. The stakes involved in litigation and investigations mandate that you choose the right Review Management team overseeing HR, handling the logistics of off-site review, and analyzing productivity. These specialists understand review best practices and utilize metrics and QC tracking to ensure accuracy and compliance in the review process. In addition, this consultative team of experts will assist in the selection and implementation of technologies like early case assessment (ECA), analytics, and technology assisted review (TAR) to best achieve your document review goals. Effective application of a technology-first document review approach along with synergistic interaction between the technical Project Management and Review Management teams dramatically increases productivity and accuracy.

    Improved communication and coordination

    A single service provider who can manage all elements of eDiscovery can better focus on efficiency and accuracy. When each member of the team is part of the same company, there is more transparent and regular communication between technical and review staff for improved service delivery.

    Enhanced quality and efficiency

    By joining legal experience with technology expertise, a single provider can maximize efficiency and produce more consistent and accurate results than traditional review alone. Lawyer-technologists working on the data from the beginning gain a crucial understanding of the data which they can use in determining the best technologies to apply in organizing, culling, and processing the data. For example, in one case where CDS provided Managed Review, Advisory Services, and Project Management, the team used TAR and analytics to identify the relevant information and cull the review population by 91%. Additionally, by involving Review Management early on in the process, CDS zeroed in on the ultimate client goal, which resulted in CDS reviewing 31% less documents than our competitor on the same dataset. Similarly, we have achieved high review speeds and low overturn rates in a broad array of litigation matters by employing our end-to-end solution.

    Seamless client experience

    Relying on a single provider to manage all elements of eDiscovery means clients have a central contact who can give and receive information to ensure efficiency, accuracy and accountability. One provider also means clients don’t need to use their own internal resources to monitor multiple vendors – just one team dedicated to handling all aspects of your matter.

    Lawyer-technologists are a necessary addition to the eDiscovery process. Using a single eDiscovery service provider can help companies and law firms ensure these experts are involved throughout the process in order to achieve the best results at the lowest cost for their matter.

    Click here to learn more about CDS’s approach to Managed Review services.

    About the Author

    Steve Wang, Esq., Director of Managed Review, CDS New York

    Steve Wang leads the operations of CDS’s Managed Review services and focuses on overseeing CDS’s Technology Driven Review offering. He coordinates closely with the CDS Project Management and Advisory Services teams as well as law firm attorneys or corporate clients to understand clients’ goals and deadlines.  The Review Management team helps develop customized document review protocols, QC protocols, and privilege review and logging protocols to ensure that they are tailored to meet client and case specific needs and adhere to best practices.