Intellectual Property

Scalability, Protection, and Insight

Intellectual property cases require special approaches to data management. In addition to the many electronic documents and emails that may be potentially responsive to the litigation, there can be thousands of images that are without textual content. The ability to approach design documents in a non-textual manner allows CDS to locate and review the most important documents first.

  • Keep confidential and sensitive information safe. CDS’s technology and protocols are designed to protect information across stakeholders, investors, custodians, and review teams. CDS has the highest levels of data security on par with financial institutions and government agencies.
  • Deep experience with the unique demands of IP discovery. CDS knows the litigation and regulatory requirements involved in protecting complex research, clinical trial privacy, and risk reduction.
  • Scalable for complex data. eDiscovery for IP requires the ability to work with large, intricate data sets from clinical trials to product development and marketing. CDS has the deep infrastructure to host, process, and produce successful, large-volume outcomes.
  • Warehousing data into a single repository allows historical cases within an organization to be more readily accessed including the re-use of previous assessments, processing, and production.

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