Multi-Matter Data Re-Use

Reductions in Time and Costs

Industries subject to serial litigation face the prospect of repeatedly paying to process the same data at the outset of each new matter. CDS takes an enterprise approach to serial litigation where clients are able to capitalize on information gained about particular data sets matter-over-matter. This data re-use includes mirrored retention and maintenance updates on a scheduled basis. Multi-matter eDiscovery significantly reduces spending by eliminating costs associated with repeated processing of data.

  • Warehousing data into a single repository allows historical cases within an organization to be more readily accessed including the re-use of previous assessments, processing, and production.
  • CDS Early Case Assessment (ECA) can be utilized even earlier with a centralized repository and clients can begin assessing the scope of work, risks, and potential costs of a matter.
  • Sophisticated Data Management – When matters arise that involve the same custodians, similar situations, or overlapping issues, previously culled data reduces the amount of effort required for discovery.
  • Expert Advisory Consultation – CDS can advise on more efficient data storage strategies and on retention and data destruction policies through data warehousing.

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