Centralized and Controlled Access

CDS has industry-leading capabilities for managing complex multi-party matters. CDS designs workflows and platform configurations for litigation support for multiple parties in a single, centralized environment with controlled access for all parties. Parties can share costs and information as directed by the courts while CDS ensures efficiency and defensibility for complex matters.

CDS provides the infrastructure and technology for secure, controlled access for all parties to a single hosting platform as required.  Joint repositories and separate, secure instances are both integrated into our project management approach to handle the most complex workspaces accessed by a diverse group of parties. While defending individual work product and supporting mutual requirements, multi-party platforms can provide considerable cost and time savings by reducing processing and hosting costs and leveraging data re-use.

  • Enterprise and user-level permissioning. CDS supports private document collections and can establish private folders, access, and searches. When appropriate, clients can open access to specific parties for controlled collaboration.
  • Deep experience in handling complex multi-party projects for domestic and international matters
  • Highest levels of data security. All parties can be assured that the CDS platform is among the most secure in the industry, on par with major financial institutions and government agencies.

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