Nytrix CIY 4 – The eDiscovery Software Platform Powered by CDS

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Nytrix CIY - Tame Complex, Big Data eDiscovery

Control every aspect of eDiscovery with Nytrix CIY 4

Nytrix CIY™ is the Control-It-Yourself cloud-based ediscovery software that gives users unmatched capabilities and control of the ediscovery process—all backed by the leader in discovery, CDS.

• Process—Analyze—Relate—In One Integrated Tool
• Highest Standards for Data Security
• Zero Infrastructure Costs
• Get to Review with Unmatched Speed
• Advanced Nytrix Analytics™ – Reveal Knowledge from Complex Big Data
• Reduce Time, Costs, and Inefficiency

The intuitive Nytrix CIY 4 dashboard gives you an unprecedented command of every aspect of your project. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

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