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    Advisory Services


    CDS Advisory Services Stats

    CDS employs a team of data scientists to connect the technical and legal worlds

    Supplement your team with targeted expertise

    Reporting and data visualization help demonstrate value

    CDS Advisory Services brings together leading advisors and technical experts to assist clients throughout the discovery process. We offer a diligent, creative, and consultative approach, which is unique in the industry. With a deep knowledge of discovery processes as well as data management, our eDiscovery consulting connects the legal and the technical worlds. CDS consultants, most of whom are former practicing attorneys, objectively recommend tools and procedures to ensure the best use of client resources.

    Whether it is developing keyword searches or implementing the latest in analytics technology, Advisory Services creates solutions that help clients save time and reduce costs. These practices are applied throughout each matter, from initial workflow development to managed review and production.

    End-to-End Support

    CDS ensures a unified understanding of your expectations across our personnel and offices. When multiple matters occur simultaneously, an Advisory Services team member ensures all matters adhere to the client’s preferred workflow. CDS is known for its solid client relationships, which are built on the assurance that every CDS employee is driven to succeed, from the first meeting with a sales representative to closing a case with our technical staff.

    Lower Costs, Save Time, and Improve Outcomes

    Below are some of the ways in which CDS helps our clients:


    • Designing standardized data management practices for clients anticipating multiple lawsuits
    • Developing workflows to manage data housed in multiple locations, simultaneous litigation matters, and strict discovery deadlines
    • Assisting in establishing internal processes for data management based on a client’s current technology, data production needs, and best practices for the client’s specific industry
    • Evaluating discovery plans to issue-spot potential areas of weakness
    • Advising on keyword searches to encompass what is both technically feasible and legally imperative
    • Educating clients’ legal staff and litigation support on the latest eDiscovery technologies
    • Applying analytics technologies to minimize the size and cost of hosting and review
    • Designing and implementing predictive coding processes to minimize data sets, both at the outset of processing and at the start of review
    • Standardizing and regulating the workflow implementation across CDS project managers and a client’s litigation support staff