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    Corporate Data Warehouse


    CDS Corporate Data Warehouse Stats

    Dramatically reduce costs of recollecting and reprocessing data

    Recycle coding and tagging decisions

    Add to the warehouse of data over time

    Retain Coding and Tagging Decisions. Save Time and Money.

    Recollecting and reprocessing data from sources that are frequently involved in litigation costs corporations countless millions of dollars every year. The CDS Corporate Data Warehouse provides a solution that stores data in a single, centralized repository where information pertaining to specific matters can be accessed without incurring repeated collection costs. Coding and tagging decisions made by review attorneys are attached to documents, which are then reloaded to the Corporate Data Warehouse where they are saved to be used in future matters.

    Collect once. Code once. Reuse data when you need it.


    • Collect data from targeted custodians and store in a centralized database.
    • Export relevant data sets to workspaces as needed.
    • Recycle coding and tagging decisions to use across future matters.
    • Add custodians to the Corporate Data Warehouse over time.


    • No initial processing fees for incoming data.
    • Benefit from higher deduplication rates.
    • Leverage previous decisions on data across matters.