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    Real world best practices

    CDS - Relativity® Assisted Review

    Highlights CDS' expertise and approach with Relativity Assisted Review for a large financial services company

    Using Relativity Assisted Review to Identify Privileged Documents

    Learn how CDS' experts used Relativity Assisted Review (RAR) to quickly and accurately identify privileged documents within a large data set.

    Predictive Coding at Work

    Illustrates how predictive coding can help dramatically reduce time and costs.


    Guides and practical overviews

    eDiscovery by the Numbers

    32 Best Practices for Building a First-Class Project Management Team


    eDiscovery 101: A Practical Guide eBook

    CDS’s experts have collaborated on an eBook to help legal practitioners prepare for the eDiscovery process. Click through to read the article.


    Get Serious About eDiscovery

    CDS' experts share practical, real world tips and tricks on how firms can improve their eDiscovery efforts.

    10 Tips for Planning eDiscovery

    Practical steps and considerations for approaching the discovery process

    The Basics: What is eDiscovery? A Primer

    A clean and simple explanation of eDiscovery. Click through to read the article.


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    Women in Legal Operations and Technology: Shaping the Future of Work

    The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly impacted office culture, career trajectories, and the future of work. With the push for social change on the rise, we decided it was a good time to take stock of how recent developments have impacted the advancement of women in the field of legal operations and technology. Moderator Michele Kell, Director, Enterprise Operations, CDS guided the discussion between women leaders from law firms and service providers.

    Navigating Documentation in the LIBOR Transition

    Organizations face a daunting task to examine, renegotiate and redocument any contracts containing LIBOR-based language or instruments before LIBOR expires, December 31, 2021. Charile Connor, CDO of Heretik, Chris O'Connor and Bill Belt of CDS discuss how to perform a strategic overhaul of affected contracts, streamline the revision process, and the consequences of failing to adapt.

    The New Face of Relativity: How Aero UI Will Transform Document Management

    Kyle Disterheft, Group Product Manager at Relativity and Chris O'Connor of CDS provide an advance look at Aero UI, Relativity’s next generation user interface. Available August 2020 in RelativityOne, Aero UI features updated page styling, a new document viewer, redesigned page navigation, and more, benefiting both new users and the most serious ediscovery administrators.

    What Have You Done for Me Lately? Examining Your Vendor Relationships

    After months of business and workforce upheaval, now is a good time for companies and law firms to review their service provider relationships. Chris O'Connor, Michele Kell, Jacqlyn Joyner, and Bill Belt of CDS discuss how to evaluate your vendor needs and set expectations, and what to do if you and your service provider aren't on the same page.

    Protecting Data Privacy in a Pandemic: New Considerations Under GDPR

    How has GDPR compliance been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and what can we expect in future? What privacy issues have been created due to new work-from-home arrangements and workforce reductions? How has the global response affected data review and export? We discuss these questions and more with Jonathan Armstrong, Partner at Cordery.

    Making the Most of RSMF with CDS Convert and RelativityOne

    In the age of COVID-19, the business need for chat and collaboration platforms has grown exponentially. These non-standard formats present challenges for ediscovery data processing and review. Mark Anderson, Director of UK Operations at CDS, provides an overview of data types and how CDS Convert and the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF) help you effectively review this data.

    Your eDiscovery Toolbox: Analytics Beyond TAR and CAL

    Analytics can dramatically improve the accuracy, efficiency and quality of document reviews, but sometimes old habits die hard. Where can you be getting more out of the tools you're already using? What simple tricks can move the ball farther, faster? Dan Diette, Esq., Data Scientist and Chris O'Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy at CDS discuss use cases for tools and functionality that might not be on your radar.

    Collections in the Time of Social Distancing

    As businesses and law firms find a way to move forward in the age of COVID-19, it's necessary to find ways to adapt the processes and protocols around eDiscovery and data management. Lou Cona, Director of Forensics and Chris O'Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy, CDS discuss how data collection from a wide variety of formats can still be accomplished in a way that keeps the data and people involved both safe and secure.

    Continuity, Security and Case Development: Document Review in an Uncertain Time

    To be productive and operational in the age of COVID-19, companies and law firms are reimagining how to maintain business and project continuity. Steve Wang, Director of Managed Review and Chris O'Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy at CDS discuss document review strategies for uncertain times, including addressing workflow challenges and using technology. They also share how CDS' Secure, Socially Distanced Review solution provides reviewers. with remote access to keep eDiscovery on schedule.

    Force Majeure: What Do Your Contracts Say?

    Force majeure clauses, often considered boilerplate contract language, are suddenly in the spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the coming weeks and months, many contract obligations are likely to default, and all parties need to understand this legal concept and how it affects their duty to perform on a contract. Steve Wang, Director of Managed Review and Chris O'Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy at CDS discuss the legal/practical aspects of force majeure clauses, and how to establish litigation readiness.

    Beyond the Rules: Crafting Discovery Protocol

    In this ACEDS webinar, James Bekier from BakerHostetler, and Konstantin Medvedovsky from Dechert LLP join Chris O’Connor, Director of eDiscovery Strategy and Dan Diette, Esq., Data Scientist at CDS to discuss some of the ways legal professionals can develop standards around ESI. Topics discussed: Setting the standard; Working with local courts; Key points for negotiation; Flexible strategies; Addressing privilege, confidentiality, and preservation.

    Mobile Devices and eDiscovery

    In this ACEDS webinar, Kevin Treuberg, Director of Forensic Services at CDS, educates attendees on the identification, collection, and review of data from mobile device sources. Topics covered include: ensuring thorough collections; Converting data to a reviewable format; Providing information in a forensically sound format; Addressing challenges.

    Cybersecurity for M&A Data

    Matthew F. Knouff, eDiscovery Counsel at CDS, moderated a discussion between panelists Jaime Skinner, Caterpillar, Jay Kramer, FBI; Rani A. Habash, Dechert LLP; and Brad Janssen, Director of Advisory Services at CDS. Topics included: Impact of cybersecurity on business objectives, regulatory profile, and valuation model; Dealing with privacy policies and notices; Evaluating security controls of an acquisition target; Conducting cybersecurity due diligence; Post-closing and integration cybersecurity concerns.

    Beyond Reputation and Risk Management - The Bottom Line Impact of a Data Breach

    With more than 1 billion private records illegally accessed in a single year, what is the true impact of these kinds of breaches, and what can be done from an information governance perspective to mitigate these risks? The panelists at this DRI Webinar, sponsored by CDS, discussed these challenges: Matt Knouff, eDiscovery Counsel at CDS; Ariana Tadler, Milberg LLP; Scott Larson, Larson Security.