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Convert supports 23+ platforms – including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, WhatsApp and WeChat

Since 2020, CDS has performed over 1,100 conversions, converting 300M+ messages across 4.5 TBs of data

Seamlessly review conversations in your preferred platform: no custom workflows, no additional training

Reviewing Mobile Phone, Chat and Social Media Data

More than 650,000 organizations and hundreds of millions of individuals use collaboration platforms, messaging apps and ticketing systems to communicate. The global COVID-19 outbreak and the associated mass movement to remote work has transformed the landscape of workforce communications. And with new applications always in development, the scope of what’s fair game in discovery grows wider every day.

CDS Convert allows you to take these complex, varied data formats and convert them into an easily reviewable, user-friendly format that preserves context and ensures file retention and safety policies are maintained. Using CDS Convert eliminates the need for custom workflows or secondary platforms to conduct a review. Without any additional training, reviewers are off and running using a format which is easy to redact and disclose.

Looking for a Chat/Mobile Data Solution?

CDS Convert

CDS Convert acts as a conduit between challenging structured data exports/forensic collections and document review platforms. Convert facilitates the conversion of data from applications such as:

  • Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Business and Financial Chat Applications
  • Social Media Messaging Services
  • Development and Issue Tracking Platforms

In addition, CDS Convert provides easy to understand reporting, allowing legal teams to make informed decisions on their data early on in the process. Using this reporting data can be quickly and easily filtered reducing the need to process and host large amounts of data, or personal information.

Relativity Review

Until recently, dealing with chat and mobile data was a laborious task, resulting in numerous solutions, formats and workflows with little to no consistency between data types. This often resulted in data being reviewed in Excel files outside of a review platform. With the release of the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF), the eDiscovery industry was able to improve and standardize their approach to short message data using a format which allows quick, and easy review with advanced searching and filtering functionality. The structure of the data is simple for reviewers to digest, and allows for highlighting, redaction and disclosure according to typical review workflows.


Once processed into Relativity 10.3 or higher, the standard Relativity viewer allows for review of RSMF data with the following features:

  • View chat participants, number of messages, participant details and avatar images
  • Emojis, reactions, images, gifs and attachments display inline and reviewable within the chat
  • Timeline identifying keyword locations of hits within a thread
  • Custom dashboards focused around the applications present in your case
  • PII Identification and Automated Redaction
  • Filter conversations and save select messages as new documents

These features allow a reviewer to get the entire picture of a conversation in a format that accurately represents the original. Document review takes place within the Relativity user interface, without the need to open external programs or view images, gifs and other chat content as separate documents.

Platform Agnostic Review

Review platforms are not one-size-fits-all, which is why CDS Convert provides platform agnostic exports for cases not utilizing Relativity.

No matter what platform you use, you can make use of Convert’s ability to convert data into a unified near native format. Data can then be processed, searched and reviewed while also taking advantage of Convert’s reporting, filtering, unitization and metadata extraction capabilities.

Once the data is processed into your preferred review platform, enjoy features such as:

  • Keyword searching and hit highlighting
  • An easy-to-review format with virtually no learning curve
  • Emojis, reactions, images, gifs and attachments inline and reviewable within the chat
  • Image and redaction capabilities
  • Advanced metadata extraction that meets SEC and DOJ specifications
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