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    Contract Review and Analysis


    CDS Contract Review and Analysis Stats

    3x the number of contracts reviewed and analyzed every day

    70% reduction in contract review time

    9.2% more revenue each year for companies who actively manage their contracts

    CDS Contract Review & Analysis 

    Contracts reside in all corners of a corporation, from real estate leases to vendor agreements to human resources documentation. With documents spread across multiple repositories, companies, departments and locations, the lack of consolidation can result in lost revenue and lost opportunities. 

    CDS’ Contract Review and Analysis (CRA) solution consolidates a company’s contracts into a single platform where they can be analyzed, audited and normalized. By breaking down and categorizing each section of the contract, CRA simplifies and streamlines review for greater efficiency and significant cost savings. Powered by Heretik’s advanced machine learning technology, Contract Review and Analysis happens within Relativity, applying the same time-saving, accuracy-enhancing tools that set the standard in eDiscovery.

    • Find pertinent data points faster. 
    • Record and QC key data points faster.
    • Compare entire contracts or sections faster. 

    Leveraging the security and flexibility of Relativity alongside proprietary workflows, CDS’ legal technology experts help clients get a comprehensive understanding of their contract universe. CRA gives companies access to key business intelligence and actionable information to help make better decisions. Additionally, having a searchable, easy-to-use database helps companies manage risk and react quickly in time-sensitive scenarios such as regulatory compliance and mergers and acquisitions.

    CDS’ Contract Review and Analysis solution allows users to:

    • Identify and review sections of contracts, category-coded using machine learning
    • Review versions and addendums within a single interface
    • Review similar sections across contracts
    • Compare contracts against approved standard and produce redline documents
    • Record and store critical data points and comments for escalation and action