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    CDS Vision


    Vision Stats

    Vision is composed of 4 main dashboards spanning the EDRM from data identification through presentation

    Seamless integration with RelativityOne, leveraging advanced visualizations paired with CDS proprietary workflow and technology

    Intuitively incorporates ECA, Analytics and advanced reporting functionality in an easy-to-use visual interface

    Make the most of RelativityOne

    CDS Vision allows you to harness the full power of eDiscovery’s best-of-breed cloud technology, RelativityOne. With minimal training, users of all technical proficiencies can easily navigate Vision’s intuitive dashboards to streamline the electronic discovery process.

    CDS Vision leverages robust visualizations along with CDS’ proprietary workflows, technology and expertise so that you can take control of the eDiscovery process.

    • Quickly organize, classify and prioritize relevant document sets for review
    • Cull out a significant percentage of non-responsive documents
    • Visualize key concepts and communication networks
    • Identify potentially privileged documents within data sets
    • View a detailed coding “Scoreboard” for real-time coding decision tracking and conflicts resolution
    • Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to streamline and prioritize review


    Vision – First Look

    The CDS Vision First Look Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all the vital information contained within initial processing sets. First Look allows users to quickly identify and address problematic data sets, missing date ranges, corrupt or password protected files and non-standard file types that require additional consideration. CDS elevates standard reporting by allowing users to visualize, interact with and act on data upon ingestion.

    Vision – Data Intelligence

    Vision Data Intelligence leverages advanced algorithms, pre-defined filters, and best practice workflows to create a repeatable streamlined process for evaluating data. Data visualizations help organize and prioritize segments of document sets that may require special attention.

    • Identify potentially privileged documents
    • Eliminate non-responsive data
    • Protect personal information

    Vision – Communication Analysis

    Vision Communications Analysis allows users to visualize and identify important concepts along with the communication patterns within data sets surrounding those concepts. Communications Analysis can be leveraged to identify key custodians, build more targeted search terms, remove noise, and streamline review. The CDS Professional Services Team can help users make the most powerful Communication Visualizations.

    Vision – Scoreboard

    Always know the score with the Vision Scoreboard, providing real-time metrics and visualizations of review coding decisions and progress. Each Scoreboard is customized to display the unique coding criteria of user matters. Quickly measure review efficiency and prepare documents for production.