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Complete Discovery Source Builds First Corporate Relativity Trace Implementation Offering
February 25, 2020

CDS helps Fortune 100 client streamline compliance monitoring of regulated businesses.

Complete Discovery Source, leading provider of end-to-end eDiscovery and data management solutions, today announced that they have built the first corporate Relativity Trace implementation offering. Relativity Trace is a proactive communication surveillance application that assesses data in near-real time and alerts compliance officers to suspicious content based on customized rules and parameters. 

CDS has developed a proprietary workflow for a Fortune 100 Client using Relativity Trace, automating what had previously been an entirely manual process.

“More and more, CDS works on the proactive side of data management, using compliance surveillance tools and tactics to solve challenging information governance issues,” said Sue-Deelia Tang, Client Solutions Director at CDS and Principal Architect/Team Lead on the Relativity Trace implementation. “The security, power and flexibility of RelativityOne combined with Relativity Trace has allowed us to create better business processes for our client that free up their staff to focus on more substantive work.”

Before implementing Relativity Trace, CDS’s Client had been managing their cursory compliance review by manually collecting data and running various searches. Now, emails are pulled automatically from O365, and responsive and non-responsive data sets are filtered upon ingestion and tagged according to pre-defined search terms. Email alerts notify legal and compliance professionals that ‘hot’ docs are teed up for further review.

Through the new documented, auditable process, CDS ensures their Client continually conducts necessary, timely due diligence of internal communications, proactively identifying potential legal violations or security breaches involving highly sensitive, confidential company data. The move to Relativity Trace and an automated workflow has allowed the Client to reduce regulatory risk, address inefficiencies, and gain more value out of existing resources.

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