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Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS) releases CDS Vision 2.0, adding four Automations
October 26, 2022

New enhancements help streamline processes, control costs, and drive data-informed decisions within RelativityOne

Complete Discovery Source, Inc. (CDS) announces the release of CDS VisionTM 2.0, adding an entirely new feature suite to the company’s proprietary application designed to enhance the user experience and extract the full power of RelativityOne. 

CDS Vision 2.0 leverages CDS’ workflows, filters, and technology along with analytics, automations, and advanced customized reporting functionality to give eDiscovery project managers, document review managers, and litigation support professionals more control over their corner of eDiscovery. 

 In 2021, CDS launched Vision, a proprietary application composed of four dashboards spanning the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from data identification through presentation. The original set of customized dashboards, now called CDS Vision – Analysis, has expanded to offer users more than 30 predefined visualizations, which are then tailored to fit each matter.  

 The new feature suite, CDS Vision – Automation, focuses on boosting eDiscovery efficiency. Four Automations enable workflows across the EDRM, from analytics and review through reporting and archiving, replacing tedious manual calculations and driving data-informed decisions. 

AutoTracker: Automated, visually enhanced, real-time overturn tracking
AutoRank: CDS RelativityOne Active Learning Score automation
AutoReport: Streamlined, “set-and-forget” custom reporting
AutoArchive: Cost-saving CDS RelativityOne cloud governance

“Each of the four automations were driven, designed, and informed directly by the experience of eDiscovery practitioners, attorney technologists, even our own CDS project managers. Their most valuable resource is time,” said Michael Milicevic, Managing Director, Chicago and Head of Product Solutions at CDS. “We all know that eDiscovery is not a nine-to-five job, but we believe it doesn’t have to be a nine-to-nine, or require an 80-hour week, if you can properly leverage tools and technology to streamline your workflow. The CDS Vision Automations focus on mundane tasks that, when taken cumulatively, can add up to hours of time for project managers and litigation support users, as well as hours of billable time.”

 The CDS Vision Analysis + Automation Suite empowers users at all levels with data-driven insights to inform better decisions. By simply elevating user performance, streamlining collaboration, and automating key processes, CDS Vision delivers faster reviews and reduces overall eDiscovery costs.

For more information about CDS Vision Analysis + Automation Suite, please visit the CDS Vision page or reach out to us directly at .

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