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Complete Discovery Source releases CDS Convert 3.0, adding more platforms and new output options to the industry-leading short message data solution
June 6, 2022

Complete Discovery Source is excited to announce the release of CDS Convert 3.0, the latest iteration of the industry-leading solution for converting and reviewing short message data in eDiscovery. As of this release, CDS Convert supports data from 23 platforms, including chat and collaboration tools Slack, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg, WhatsApp and WeChat; ticketing systems Jira and ZenDesk; as well as Cellebrite and Oxygen mobile phone images. 

Using CDS Convert, this data is transformed into a unified, easily reviewable format, maintaining context such as emojis, gifs, inline replies, and attachments. In-depth, up-front reporting allows managers to make smart decisions about their data early on. Users can seamlessly review data without any custom workflows, secondary platforms, or additional training. 

“When we released Convert in 2019, we’d recognized the increasing popularity of chat communications in business, but the coming pandemic and the massive shift to remote working was, of course, not on our radar,” said Mark Anderson, Managing Director, UK and Lead Developer of CDS Convert. “Now, Microsoft Teams has 250 million users and the average employee spends 14% of their work day communicating via chat platforms. We’ve been continuously developing CDS Convert since Day One to keep up with the blistering pace of change – new platforms, new versions, new data formats – and exponential data growth.”

Since January 2020, CDS Convert has performed over 1,100 conversions across 4.5 TBs of data, converting 300,000,000 messages – an average of 10 million messages per month. 

Convert 3.0 also offers great news for non-Relativity users. Originally developed for output to the Relativity Short Message Format (RSMF), CDS Convert now offers the option for a platform-agnostic output for full-featured review in any eDiscovery platform. 

For more information about CDS Convert, please visit the CDS Convert page or reach out to us directly at .

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