CDS London

CDS London provides eDisclosure advisory, collection, processing, and hosting solutions for clients who handle increasing data volumes while complying with complex data privacy laws. When organisations must take a proactive approach to preventing exposure of sensitive personal data, CDS delivers the technology, consulting, and project management services to meet our clients’ needs.

London Data Centre

CDS‘s data centre in London has been specifically built to comply with UK and EU data privacy standards. The facility addresses the need to process and host sensitive data in the European Union in compliance with the GDPR and other privacy and data protection laws. CDS’s highly-secure data center is ISO 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management, ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality Management, and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified for Health and Safety Management. The data center is fully compliant with EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield guidelines. Equipped with incremental backups, data replication, and redundant power and internet, the facility ensures that matters are available when they are needed.  CDS provides project management and hosting support around the clock.

Forensic Services

CDS has deep experience executing forensic collections in numerous jurisdictions and across international borders. We have directly managed projects in 27 of the 28 EU member states and in locations across six continents, ensure that the integrity of data is maintained throughout the disclosure/discovery process to support process defensibility and the admissibility of evidence.

With the increasing scrutiny that financial institutions, corporations and other organisations face from regulators, it is important that companies can effectively investigate the activities of employees, affiliates, third parties and other related actors.  A thorough understanding of the investigative techniques leveraged by various regulators is also necessary to drive proactive policy development as well as comprehensive response plans.   The CDS Forensic Services Group is comprised of forensic experts who are well-versed in privacy regulations, blocking statutes, and techniques for handling sensitive data.  CDS has the tools and expertise needed to successfully execute international collections and forensic analysis across the globe.

Disclosure Consulting

The CDS Advisory Services team combines legal experience with technological understanding to assist clients in developing workflows that address the complex landscape of international discovery and cross-border data transfer. Our consultants, help clients understand how process and technology can be utilised to promote compliance with UK and EU privacy regulations in various disputes, transactions and other matters. CDS’s consultants assist clients in navigating data privacy laws, blocking statutes and other regulations that limit the circumstances under which discovery can be performed. CDS Advisory Services can help your team:

  • Design data management practices that accommodate UK and EU disclosure/discovery, as well as cross-border data transfer
  • Develop custom workflows that manage data stored across multiple jurisdictions
  • Create repeatable data collection and analysis processes for clients with international operations

CDS On-Demand

Not quite ready for a Managed Services subscription? CDS On-Demand is designed for clients who want to take control of their eDiscovery without the commitment of an annual contract.


Powered by RelativityOne, this SaaS offering gives users instant access to new features without infrastructure hassles. Our experts are always on hand as an extension of your team to support your projects and challenges. Some of the benefits of CDS On-Demand with RelativityOne include:

  • International reach. As RelativityOne becomes available in data centres around the globe, clients will be able to host their data in these locations. RelativityOne is currently available in the US, UK, and Hong Kong with planned instances in Canada and Germany. With GDPR coming online in May 2018, this will facilitate cross-border data management, review and ultimately production.
  • Complete control. Your own dedicated instance means total command over your data and the freedom and flexibility to customize and extend the software to meet your needs.
  • As a RelativityOne Gold Partner, CDS has helped many clients successfully manage cloud-based eDiscovery in the US and abroad. We leverage proprietary workflows and technology to help clients get the most out of RelativityOne’s powerful, best-in-breed eDiscovery solution.
  • Trusted security. Microsoft invests heavily in data security, and Azure data centers are compliant with ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SSAE-18 SOC 1 and SOC 2, ISO 27018,and dozens more industry certifications.
  • Continuous development. With the ease of upgrades in the RelativityOne environment, there will be less time between issue identification and resolution for a high quality product.
  • Workspace migration (ARM). Full stack archive and migration capabilities. Since RelativityOne is always on the latest version, migrating cases out of older environments are never an issue leaving the possibility of complete matter control under one roof.



The perfect blend of independent control and peace of mind: DISCO’s self-service functionality bolstered by CDS’ expert guidance:

  • International reach. As a platform purpose-built for the cloud, DISCO takes full advantage of the high availability, dependability and versatility of Amazon Web Services (AWS). DISCO is currently available in US, UK and regions of Europe, hosting its European eDiscovery platform in AWS’s Dublin data centre.
  • Latest software, all the time. DISCO’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model ensures that you always have the latest features, enhancements, and bug fixes. DISCO seamlessly rolls out updates every week, requiring no downtime or upgrade on your part. Now you don’t have to wait months or years to take advantage of the latest technology for your matter.
  • Integrated AI. Power through complex reviews in a fraction of the time. DISCO’s advanced AI learns as you code, offering precise predictions in the normal flow of review – no tricky setup, no additional cost.
  • Trusted security. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the DISCO platform eliminates security risks and data sprawl. Above and beyond the security provided by AWS, DISCO also has strict internal security controls and policies in place, validated by industry-leading third-party certifications, such as SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, GDPR, Privacy Shield, and HIPAA

CDS DigitalCustoms™ – Mobile Discovery Appliance

CDS DigitalCustoms is a suite of services that helps clients successfully address the challenges of collecting, analysing, reviewing and producing data in today’s complex regulatory environment.  CDS DigitalCustoms combines portable, proprietary appliances with on-site support resources to give entities powerful data management capabilities.  Using a single platform, users are able to access multiple technologies to process, analyse, redact/anonymise, review, and produce data in-country, within a client’s facility, and behind the firewall without attaching to the local infrastructure. DigitalCustoms is an innovative solution that successfully addresses privacy concerns during disclosure/discovery projects and investigations, and mitigates the risk associated with domestic and international regulations.

Enhanced Disclosure with Technology Enhancements

CDS goes beyond standard review and hosting platforms, deploying technology solutions that help users gain a deeper understanding of data, enhance data privacy, and identify relevant documents more quickly.

  • Blackout Auto-Redaction: Automatically redact private information including financial data, email addresses, and more, integrated into the review platform.
  • Veritone: Review and transcribe audio and video data using Veritone’s multiple artificial intelligence engines.
  • Machine Translation: Powerful algorithms translate foreign language documents, allowing them to be reviewed by teams in-country.
Conducting Remote Data Collections for eDiscovery in the Era of Social Distancing

Conducting Remote Data Collections for eDiscovery in the Era of Social Distancing

COVID-19 has disrupted almost all normal business practices, making many activities challenging to handle virtually. Fortunately, eDiscovery can largely continue on pace, thanks to technology and remote collection workflows. Shifting to fully remote or socially distanced collections, whether to accommodate shelter-in-place orders or employee safety concerns, is achievable in most circumstances.

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Managing Pre-Litigation Investigations for the Best Results

Managing Pre-Litigation Investigations for the Best Results

Long before starting formal discovery, an internal investigation should be launched so a party and their counsel can understand and assess the information ecosystem, identify sources of potentially relevant information and examine these sources via sampling. Although a litigant may not be required to produce the information found, it is crucial that pre-litigation investigation be handled appropriately to ensure it is accurate.

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eDiscovery of Mobile Data 101

eDiscovery of Mobile Data 101

Mobile data is one of the most rapidly proliferating data sources in the eDiscovery realm and is gaining more significance daily. It presents unique challenges, such as securing authorization to access devices, rapidly evolving encryption features, wildly varying content formatting, device upgrades, and other issues.

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