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    Data Subject Access Requests


    CDS Advisory Services Stats

    Identify and collect data

    Automatically redact private information

    Simple, cost-effective production

    Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) in the UK are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). Under these data protection regimes, a failure to respond to a DSAR in a timely and compliant manner can result in steep fines and, in certain instances, criminal liability. Collecting, processing, reviewing, and redacting documents as part of a DSAR costs corporations millions of pounds every year. CDS provides a tailored workflow to facilitate compliance with the stringent substantive and procedural requirements of the GDPR and DPA 2018, all while reducing the costs of a DSAR by:

    • Assisting in the identification and collection of data
    • Culling a significant percentage of non-responsive documents before promoting documents for review
    • Automatically redacting private information including names, email addresses, National Insurance numbers, and more
    • Managed Review with our team of lawyer-technologists whose approach to the review process combines review proficiency with technology expertise
    • Simple and cost-effective PDF production containing full redaction functionality

    Forensic Services

    The dedicated legal technicians of the CDS Forensic Services team focus on the preservation, recovery, and collection of electronically stored information (ESI). Our team deploys collection strategies that use tested, repeatable best practices to plan and execute the collection method best suited for each matter.

    • Data Assessments: consulting services help clients understand the scope of their data and create a strategic approach to information governance
    • Data Collections: retrieve information from a multitude of platforms and devices, both remote and on-site

    CDS DigitalCustoms™ – Mobile eDiscovery Appliance

    Under GDPR an organisation is required to identify who has access to a requestor’s personal data. A requestor also has the right to restrict access to their data, and as such organisations may find they are limited from instructing outside organisations from hosting and reviewing the requestors personal data. CDS DigitalCustoms is a portable, proprietary eDisclosure solution that combines multiple eDiscovery technologies into a single appliance that helps clients to address the challenges of local data privacy and data security restrictions. This innovative tool enables processing, review, and production of data within a client’s facility without attaching to the local infrastructure. CDS DigitalCustoms can be fully run by an organisation on a manageable per month or subscription cost with appropriate set-up and training.

    Early Case Assessment

    CDS Early Case Assessment (ECA) enables users to analyse and cull their data sets before promoting documents to review. CDS ECA uses text and metadata to reduce the size of data sets being reviewed. Integrated within the Relativity workspace, CDS ECA lets users:

    • Organise documents to prioritise and classify for accelerated review
    • Identify potentially relevant documents and isolate privileged documents and personal data within data sets
    • Cull a significant percentage of non-responsive documents

    Automated Redaction

    CDS utilises automatic redaction software to redact private information including names, email addresses, and more, all integrated seamlessly into the review platform.

    Managed Review

    DSARs have a tight turnaround period to identify, collect, review, and produce the relevant data. In many instances a review team needs additional resources to meet this deadline, for which CDS can utilise our Managed Review services.

    CDS Managed Review goes beyond the traditional review process, which deploys large teams of contractors to manually make determinations on individual documents. We use technology solutions at the earliest stage of the review process, answering the need for smarter use of available eDiscovery tools. Transparent, constant communication between CDS technical and review staff ensures nimble service delivery.

    Simple Production

    Unlike traditional disclosure, the need for full production capabilities and load file generation is not required as part of a DSAR. In the majority of cases, documents will be disclosed to a private individual rather than an eDisclosure provider.

    CDS provides a low cost production option by exporting relevant documents as redacted PDFs. Producing documents in this format allows the requestor to open documents without the need for specialised software. This process also ensures that the documents are provided with any necessary redactions, while ensuring the documents are recorded as being produced for GDPR and DPA 2018 compliance audit purposes.

    Download our DSAR data sheet