Nadia Haniff

Human Resources Manager

In her role as Human Resources Manager, Nadia’s passion is to provide HR solutions to help develop, grow, retain, and expand the well-being of the people on CDS’s team. With over eighteen years of experience in the field, Nadia has been with the company since its foundation. In addition to coordinating benefits and ensuring general wellness, she works with the executive and leadership teams on recruiting and talent acquisition matters. Nadia received her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources with a minor in English from Baruch College.

Nadia enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and traveling. She is married with two children Joshua and Jayden. Her fondness, love and compassion for children transfers beyond her community and into the international space where she strives to help the children who are less fortunate.

Fun Fact

Nadia was heavily involved in her school’s drama program, which opened the doors for a lifelong love of theatre, especially Broadway musicals.