Sue-Deelia Tang

Client Solutions Director


Sue-Deelia Tang is the Client Solutions Director at Complete Discovery Source. Sue-Deelia joined Complete Discovery Source in 2017 to assist with the strategic growth, build client relations, and ensure clients receive the highest levels of delivery around technology solutions, business process solutions, administrative services, and professional services. She works closely with law firms, government agencies, and corporations to develop some of the most complex customized solutions imaginable. She is an expert Solutions Architect, Implementation Specialist, and Migration Specialist with superior organizational and documentation skills.

Sue-Deelia has been working in the legal technology industry for over 24 years. Prior to joining Complete Discovery Source, Sue-Deelia was the Managing Director of eDiscovery Services for 11 years. Earlier in her career Sue-Deelia worked within law firms and held titles such as Manager of Information Technology and Manager of Litigation Support Services, building Litigation Support Departments from the ground up, overseeing teams of over 45 people.

As a veteran of the litigation technology world, Sue-Deelia has extensive experience consulting and managing a wide range of projects, including forensics, data processing/production, workflow development, migrations, complex custom solutions, training, software implementation, and playbooks. She has managed cases which involved multiple terabytes of data and millions of multi-lingual documents. She has frequently overseen teams (both domestic and international) of upwards of one hundred lawyers, paralegals, litigation support staff, and outside vendor personnel.

Sue-Deelia has testified in court as an eDiscovery expert and has prepared multiple affidavits attesting to legal technology and eDiscovery best practices. She is also a frequent Keynote Speaker and Panel Moderator on various topics.

Fun Fact

Sue loves sky diving, zip lining, jet skiing, water rafting, camping, and traveling to different places around the world.