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What to Expect in 2018: Trends in Managing eDiscovery

By Regina Chepalis, Managing Director CDS Mid-Atlantic One of the main trends in the world of litigation is companies and law firms analyzing their approach to managing eDiscovery. They are evaluating what services to keep or move in-house versus outsourcing. … Read more >

When eDiscovery made the case for Taylor Swift

By Jeff Salling, Esq., Director of Business Development, CDS. Thanks to TMZ, we have all seen the photo. Radio DJ David Mueller in a photo with Taylor Swift looking like he had his hand up her dress. He lost his … Read more >

Do you know where your data is?

By Michael Milicevic, Esq, Managing Director, CDS Chicago. One of the first questions providers often ask when engaging with a new client on an eDiscovery matter is a fairly simple one: Where is your relevant data located? Unsurprisingly, the answers … Read more >