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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Is it right for me?

By Peter Florian, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CDS.19 As eDiscovery tools become more powerful and data storage costs become less expensive, the value of outsourcing to a cloud provider has risen significantly. A managed services model allows … Read more >

Why attorney eDiscovery practices need to change

By Jeff Salling, Director of Business Development, CDS. As the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) and best practices evolve to address eDiscovery concerns, attorneys also need to change their policies and procedures. Many attorneys are used to following certain … Read more >

eDiscovery Terminology for Every Litigator

By Suzanne H. Clark, Esq., CEDS (Jimerson & Cobb) and Parke P. McManis, Esq., RCA, CEDS (Managing Director, Mid-Atlantic, Complete Discovery Source) This post was first published on March 7, 2017, as an article written by Ms. Clark and Mr. … Read more >