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FedRAMP: Why the US Government is in the Cloud

The current of movement into the cloud is flowing fast, and organizations from every sector are joining the rush—including the public sector. The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) has been in place for years, and its goal is … Read more >

eDiscovery Data Processing 101

By Brian Pick, Client Director at CDS, and Pete Lwin, Senior Project Engineer at CDS. Before any raw or native data can be reviewed for eDiscovery, it must first be “processed.” For those new to eDiscovery, the jargon and steps … Read more >

Understanding How Early Case Assessment Works

Early Case Assessment (ECA) refers to a variety of tools and workflows for investigating and quickly learning about your data as it relates to eDiscovery and potential litigation. The goals are to reduce the amount of data needing full review and … Read more >

How Auto-Redaction Technology Can Streamline Your eDiscovery

By Regina Chepalis, Managing Director CDS Mid-Atlantic. Most eDiscovery requires redaction of information before it can be produced. Thanks to increasing regulations safeguarding personal information, the amount of redaction required is growing. In the U.S., HIPAA, HITECH, Federal Privacy Act and … Read more >

What the CLOUD Act Means for eDiscovery

By William Belt, Managing Director of Consulting, CDS. As previously discussed, courts are dealing with increasing demands for data that resides abroad. The Microsoft warrant case awaiting Supreme Court action was anticipated to yield important guidance on issues of international … Read more >