Analytics, AI, and ECA


CDS Analytics, AI, and ECA Stats

CDS is a leader in the use of Relativity Analytics, applying these tools to more cases than any other Relativity provider

CDS offers proprietary ECA workflows to manage large document sets and speed review

CDS includes powerful AI tools for data visualization and audio/video discovery, built directly into the Relativity workspace

Analytics and AI Tools

Whether clients need to obtain an early view of data, cull large document sets, identify specific information, or prioritize a review, CDS can assist with the process of using analytics to support and enhance workflows. CDS’s experts use a suite of analytics tools that include a host of algorithms and machine learning tools that help clients understand their data and conduct smarter, more efficient reviews. Some of the tools we use include:

  • Relativity Analytics: CDS is a leader in the application of Relativity Analytics, a powerful suite of tools built into the Relativity platform.
  • Brainspace: dynamic data visualizations combine with search allowing users to investigate the largest data sets and get to relevant information quickly. Concept searches reveal clusters of similar documents while communication analysis allows for the interactive exploration of conversations between key custodians.
  • Auto-redaction: automatically identify PII, PHI, and other sensitive data types using pattern recognition. Users can auto-redact based on keywords, phrases, or regular expressions, saving time and ensuring information is secure.
  • Veritone audio and video eDiscovery: a powerful set of AI engines combine to transcribe and translate audio and video files, directly within the Relativity workspace. In addition to offering a rate of speed far higher than human transcription and translation, Veritone’s tools provide a higher degree of accuracy than phonetic search.

Early Case Assessment: Organize, Identify, and Cull

Early Case Assessment (ECA) from CDS enables users to analyze and cull their data sets prior to review using a powerful proprietary toolkit. CDS ECA uses pre-processed text and metadata to reduce the size of data sets before promoting them to full review. Integrated within the Relativity workspace, CDS ECA allows users to:

  • Organize documents to prioritize and classify for accelerated review
  • Identify potentially privileged documents and PHI/PII via proprietary searches
  • Cull out a significant percentage of non-responsive documents including document extensions, news, social media, promotional and subscription emails
  • Leverage insights via snippet document view and searching

CDS ECA takes advantage of advanced algorithms, pre-defined filters, and best practice workflows that combine to create a repeatable, streamlined process. Data visualization provides insight and help prioritizing segments of the document set that may require additional attention. Combined with CDS’s end-to-end Relativity stack, CDS ECA reduces costs with accelerated culling, providing actionable insight into data sets early in the process.

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