Solutions – End-to-End eDiscovery (EDRM)

Effective services require a perfect balance of tools, expertise, and vision. We cover the complete ediscovery process from end-to-end – even before a legal complaint or investigation is filed. Working with CDS ensures that you are supported every step of the way. Peace of Mind for Serious eDiscovery – that’s why CDS is one of the most trusted names in litigation support.

From Early Analysis to Managed Review
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Review Planning

Our advisors have extensive litigation and eDiscovery experience. Working with your team, we design realistic, executable work­flows that meet your production schedule and complement your litigation strategy. Ultimately, every review must meet two criteria: identify relevant materials and protect proprietary and privileged information. A unified review, processing, and QC strategy helps you meet those criteria. CDS Advisory Services has developed effective workflows and proven QC and Privilege protocols. These tools validate your team’s efforts, ensure that relevant materials are identified, and protect privileged and sensitive material. Workflow monitoring keeps your team on schedule to meet or beat your deadlines. Our advisors monitor activity in real-time, report their findings to you, and recommend appropriate adjustments. You focus on the law. We focus on people, process, and technology, and keep you in the loop.

Early Data Assessment

CDS’ proprietary data analysis system, indexes documents at lightning speed, so you can start evaluating data before most other systems have finished ingesting. Multi-threading and our distributive architecture allow your CDS team to analyze multiple data sources simultaneously. Detailed reports, de-duplication, and extensive filtering tools mean that the dataset can be drastically reduced prior to processing.


CDS Legal Forensic Services Group offers a wide‐range of forensic collection, analysis, and advisory services — capable of complete and/or targeted forensically sound acquisitions of nearly every form of data including mobile devices, Cloud, and social media sites. Our dedicated teams provide highly specialized forensic analysis for clients involved in matters of varying degrees of sensitivity. This type of service is particularly helpful in cases involving areas of serious contention including intellectual property theft, employer/employee breach of contract case or in cases involving gross employee misconduct. These specialized services are tailored to a client’s specific needs and are accomplished in a targeted and confidential manner. CDS’ technicians affect data collections and examinations internationally and domestically. Our investigators work with and for private corporations, government and intelligence agencies, law firms, providing both technical advice and expert opinions.

Processing and Production

eDiscovery that is fast, efficient, and defensible allows your litigation team to focus on more manageable volumes of meaningful evidence. Our project managers and engineers proprietary hardware and software to expertly guide your evidence through the process. Size does not matter. We can scale our services from a single CD to terabytes of ESI. Time has direct implications on eDiscovery cost and resources. CDS’ processing engine offers unmatched processing speeds at competitive prices. With our Nytrix CIY processing tool, reviewers can begin before processing is even complete (See Nytrix CIY). Our capacity and dedication turn most projects around in the time that it takes the competition to get started.

Review Hosting

If you’re working around the clock, so are we. We support highly secure data centers 24/7, and our hosting and ediscovery processes are ISO 27001 certified and SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2 tested assuring you of the highest standards possible for your data. Whether you take advantage of CDS’ cloud-based eDiscovery platform, Nytrix™CIY™, or rely on our Orange-level service for Relativity©, CDS gives you an incredibly fast, stable and secure environment for active or stored data.

Managed Review

For complex projects, our experienced PMs and our Advisory Services team work with case teams to tailor workflows— from reviewer training to trial preparation. Utilizing our team of experts will make your project faster, more effective, defensible, and allow you to focus on the other salient aspects of your case. CDS brings the industry’s leading review tool developers and project managers to the table to build and manage a review designed to save money and time.


Data analytics have an infinite number of applications in the ediscovery and data mining world. The CDS Analytics team understands all of the data analysis tools in our arsenal, when and how to use them. Whether you need to obtain an early view of your data, cull it, identify specific information or prioritize a review, we can guide you through the process of using analytics to support your workflow. For technology assisted review (TAR) or data mining, we extract details about the raw data and turn them into useful knowledge. Our experts can show you how to use analytics, and our algorithms can show you what you need to know. CDS continues to push analytics tools to their current limits, and our data scientists and developers continue to work on what’s next.

Data Mining

We have truly entered the age of Big Data (defined as volume, velocity and variety) where the primary challenge is finding what you are looking for from across multiple sources containing a variety of data types. CDS’ Big Data team helps your organization identify your data sources, then combines all usable information into a single index to provide federated search. [We configure data access based on your established permissions, to provide a single log-in for your users, and protect sensitive information with our customized mass redaction processes.

Cross-Border eDisclosure

The world is getting smaller, but the demands of global electronic discovery are growing. Multi-national corpora­tions involved in U.S. litigation can be required to collect data that is subject to EU directives. CDS’ international eDisclosure program merges EU-based eDisclosure specialists with our proven U.S.-based eDiscovery firm, to seamlessly carry you through the process. CDS’ Safe Harbor certification ensures that data which reaches the U.S. remains compliant with EU privacy regulations. From collection to produc­tion, we are ready for your overseas needs. DigitalCustoms is our proprietary, portable appliance that combines several discovery-related technologies into a powerful international e-discovery device. Our forensics professionals use DigitalCustoms to help clients facing the challenges of cross-border discovery. This innovative tool is able to identify, collect, process, cull, review, and redact data within a client’s facility without attaching to the local infrastructure. We then encrypt and export the resulting data to the U.S. for review and production.

Information Management

CDS collaborates with your legal and IT departments to understand your networks, data, employee profiles, and risk sensitivity. We then work with you to design document retention and destruction policies. This method renders information accessible for legal matters, while reducing storage costs and risk exposure by purging unnecessary data.

Consulting-Advisory Services

CDS Advisory Services provides strategic, results-driven eDiscovery solutions that help clients efficiently manage ESI risks and reduce costs, both pre- and post-litigation. The coverage is end-to-end including review planning and management, early planning and strategy, strategic Searching and review prioritization, corporate discovery policies and procedures, proactive and information management.