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Automating eDiscovery Database Management with AutoArchive

Nov 4, 2022

Case teams have a myriad of technology and workflow options available to reduce eDiscovery costs on complex matters – from targeted collections, ECA, and advanced analytics to contract and offshore review services, and more. Electronic discovery consumers have come to expect a technology-first approach to make an immediate budget impact on large-scale matters. Sophisticated corporate legal teams have also begun to explore technology and workflow solutions across portfolios of related matters with multi-matter management approaches to preserve and re-use work product. Despite these advances in matter management, the fundamental administrative task of managing database hosting and user costs across a large portfolio of matters still involves a great deal of manual reporting, data archiving and/or export and migration, which frequently results in the accumulation of significant eDiscovery expenses.

In a recent case study, up to 30% of actively hosted matters in a client’s eDiscovery portfolio were found to have had no user activity for 90 days or more. Tracking user activity on a matter-by-matter basis can be extremely tedious, time-consuming and cost-intensive for database administrators. Even when diligent reporting on user login activity is compiled and reviewed regularly, case teams may be reluctant to permit archiving or migration of workspaces to more cost effective storage solutions, should access need to be quickly restored due to a sudden spike in case activity. As a result, many eDiscovery consumers end up absorbing months and even years of active hosting and user costs on inactive matters while awaiting a final disposition or settlement agreement.

Vision AutoArchive enables cost-saving automations of the Relativity ARM and Cold Storage processes based on user activity and other pre-set criteria. Database administrators receive detailed, matter-level reporting while the CDS rules-based archiving solution seamlessly manages hosting and user administration. The result: immediate and significant cost savings across the eDiscovery matter portfolio.

To inquire about implementing AutoArchive and the CDS Vision Analysis + Automation Suite on your next CDS RelativityOne matter, contact us at .

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Michael Milicevic, Esq.

As VP eDiscovery Products & Solutions, Michael Milicevic leads the Global CDS Product Solutions Team, designing and developing proprietary products and solutions and expanding the CDS technology portfolio. He also oversees all Midwest operations. He has over 12 years of eDiscovery and legal experience and has worked on multiple large matters for a variety of clients, including Am Law 100 firms, global financial services organizations, and multi-national manufacturers.