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Alex Kirkland is a certified digital forensic, eDiscovery, information security, and data governance professional whose role at CDS includes performing complex data collections and computer forensic investigations as well as consulting with internal teams and external clients on cyber investigation response, information security, and data risk governance.

Kevin Chacon, leading CDS in Switzerland, brings over 20 years of expertise in global legal and eDiscovery matters. Specializing in cross-border litigations and investigations, data privacy and data protection, he advises multinational corporations, financial institutions, and law firms. Kevin's consultative approach drives operational efficiency in eDiscovery management, navigating complex data protection landscapes with precision.

Sue-Deelia Tang is a Client Solutions Director at CDS. A legal technology industry veteran, Sue-Deelia is an expert solutions architect, implementation specialist, and migration specialist with extensive experience consulting and managing a wide range of projects, including forensics, data processing/production, workflow and playbook development, and software implementation. She has testified in court as an eDiscovery expert and has prepared multiple affidavits attesting to legal technology and eDiscovery best practices.

Brad Berkshire is an eDiscovery, information governance, and digital forensics expert whose role at Complete Discovery Source includes leading complex projects and consulting, training, and educating internal teams as well as external clients on information governance, digital forensics, and data acquisition best practices. He also provides consulting and advisory services to the CDS forensic services team and direct support to clients with project scoping on information governance and forensics related projects.

In his 25 plus years' experience working in information systems, digital forensics, and eDiscovery services, Brad has performed over 2,800 targeted data collections and forensic imaging acquisitions for cyber investigation, discovery response, and regulatory response engagements. These engagements include forensic data acquisition and data analysis for all types of digital storage including PC and Mac laptops and desktops, servers and enterprise application sources, structured databases, cloud data sources, social media sources, and mobile devices and mobile device applications sources.