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Automating eDiscovery for Enhanced Productivity, Accuracy, and Cost-Savings

Nov 3, 2022

For some, the terms ‘automation,’ ‘artificial Intelligence,’ and ‘machine learning’ may conjure images of a future utopia with robot assistants. Experienced legal technologists likely understand that enabling technology to enhance their work processes delivers incremental benefits that amount to significant advantages.

Technology Assisted Review is widely regarded as the gold standard for the benefits that automation can have in the field of eDiscovery. Automating document classification from a subset of human review has proven to provide immediate, quantifiable increases in productivity and accuracy while significantly decreasing costs.

The use cases and success stories for TAR are frequently cited and applauded, however, even 10 years after the Da Silva Moore decision, TAR is far from standard practice on most eDiscovery matters. And yet, data volumes continue to increase along with professional service rates while data costs shrink as a result of the accumulation of eDiscovery technology advancements.

While major technological leaps like TAR or CAL or next generation Analytics get all the flash and fanfare, we’ve found that the true economies of scale can often be found buried in users’ feature requests or whispered in the software providers’ weekly version releases – the automation or script that streamlines a database action, removes a few mouse clicks or expedites production QC or reporting over time. Those little tweaks not only improve the day-to-day lives of legal technologists, they often deliver the most cumulative positive impact on review efficiency, resource management, and decision making.

In this series, we explore a series of proprietary automations for review, analytics, reporting and database management that comprise the CDS Vision 2.0 feature release, which streamlines and automates time-intensive, essential processes for CDS Relativity users. To read the next blog in the series, click here.

About the Author

<a href="https://cdslegal.com/team/michael-milicevic-esq/" target="_blank">Michael Milicevic, Esq.</a>

Michael Milicevic, Esq.

As VP eDiscovery Products & Solutions, Michael Milicevic leads the Global CDS Product Solutions Team, designing and developing proprietary products and solutions and expanding the CDS technology portfolio. He also oversees all Midwest operations. He has over 12 years of eDiscovery and legal experience and has worked on multiple large matters for a variety of clients, including Am Law 100 firms, global financial services organizations, and multi-national manufacturers.