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Benefits of Managed Review for Federal Agencies

Feb 23, 2021

When addressing document review in the Federal space, agencies can come up against serious challenges. From budgetary limitations to data security, ramping up a team of attorneys to review documents on a tight time frame and on projects with ever changing scope can seem like a daunting undertaking for stakeholders and contract officers alike. This, however, also makes them uniquely situated to leverage a vendor like CDS and realize the benefits of contract managed review. In a managed review setting a single eDiscovery service provider designs and implements the technology solutions as well as deploys a dedicated team of expert attorneys to manage the review process. In turn our clients benefit from having one unified team handling the matter from start to finish. The advantages of this approach include the following:

  • Cost predictability – As the federal government comes to grips with ever-increasing budget deficits and constraints on government spending, federal agencies face growing economic pressures. Cost certainty is essential. With CDS managed review, we begin every engagement by providing in-depth and detailed project scoping in order to give agencies the cost certainty upfront. No surprises, runaway spending, or scope creep.
  • Expertise. A service provider should have experts in both law and technology to manage the review. CDS’ lawyer-technologists understand the practice of law and possess a deep knowledge of the software and workflows that handle electronically stored information. Furthermore, CDS can draw on its large database of contract attorneys and staff as needed for specific projects.  In addition to subject matter experience, CDS also screens for technology expertise based on case needs.  This results in enhanced productivity, improved accuracy, and lower costs.
  • Scalability. If the scope of the project increases or more documents must be reviewed, the service provider should be able to immediately scale up. CDS can deploy additional attorneys as needed to quickly meet deadlines. CDS had just such a matter with a small federal agency that needed help with a document review. After the review started, more documents were found that also needed to be reviewed, but the deadline to complete the review did not change. CDS was able to double the team size to ensure that the deadline was met.
  • Reduced overhead and HR issues from adding staff. Agencies have limited resources. It is an extra burden for them to hire contractors that need to be supervised or managed by agency staff, find office space, and train new staff. In managed review, the service provider takes over these responsibilities.
  • Enhanced security. Federal agencies are required to use providers that meet certain security standards. At CDS, we provide the strictest levels of data security to the federal government starting with our FedRAMP approved Hosting environment. In addition, we have several biometric security features in our software which ensure security wherever users are accessing the system.
  • Social distancing. Even once the dangers of COVID have passed, organizations will likely continue to rely on remote workers. CDS’ Secure, Socially Distanced Managed Review utilizes a biometric enhanced, multifactor login virtual desktop environment for our review teams. In addition, numerous other features can be added and customized for each matter to ensure agencies can monitor staff productivity and access is limited only to what is needed. CDS deployed this solution to address our clients’ two biggest areas of concern: remote security and productivity.
  • Quality control. Excellent quality control is an essential part of managed review. CDS has proven playbook for how to handle QC for responsiveness and privilege. We offer a multilayered and iterative approach that is very effective at ensuring quality work product. This includes a proprietary QC overturn tracking app called CDSMR AutoTracker that captures and analyzes all overturns.  Quality control has become another area of concern with remote review teams and CDS has tailored our QC for remote review and instituted regular team meetings to ensure QC feedback is understood.
  • Improved communication and coordination. When each member of the technology and review team is part of the same company, there is more transparent and regular communication between technical and review staff for improved service delivery. In addition, client communications are also enhanced. CDS keeps clients informed every step of the way with daily reporting showing overall case progress and a high-level overview of coding decisions.

Using a single eDiscovery service provider for managed review can help agencies ensure experts are involved throughout the process in order to achieve the best results at the lowest cost for their matter. Click here to learn more about CDS’ approach to Managed Review services.

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Matthew Milone

Matthew Milone is a licensed attorney and is currently the head of CDS’s Federal Services division. Before Joining CDS, Matt practiced law at a mid-sized defense firm before turning his attention to eDiscovery Project Management. Matt has nearly a decade of experience managing all elements of large-scale document reviews including consultation, strategy development, and workflow design. Matt holds a B.A. from The Catholic University of America, a J.D. from Quinnipiac University School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in New York.